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That's just who I am ..

When I was little I already had to take my art supplies with me every chance I got. Before I was even able to count, I think ... How else would i explain those six-legged horses?

And i take them everywhere still to this day even if I rarely get the chance to use them at the events I take them to.

Painting .. being creative in all sorts of ways, preferably colorful and warm and filled with passion. No surprise my journey took me along many creative routes.

That's how it came to be

Wheter it's digital or traditional, intricate or simple, pixel or vector, from illustration to animation to design: I can help you out!

My favorites are lively characters, cute animals and beautiful nature, but i also love typesetting. The perfect combi for childrens books one could say.

Thanks to my studies I was able to gather some experience in 3D and animation. My work at a printers made me familiar with printing techniques and how to prepare for print as well as ad engineering.

Lastly I worked in a content marketing agency in beautiful Landau in Rhineland Palatinate, Germany where I created explainer videos. That also became to focus for my bachelors degree. I remained true to Illustration and Animation as well as Landau.


2020 - today
Freelance Illustrator and Designer
2016 - 2019
Illustrator and Motion Designer at Textzeichnerin
2013 - 2017
Bachelor or Arts, Virtual Design, University of applied sciences Kaiserslautern
2012 - 2015
Internship/Side job Printer & Ad Engineering Uniprint PS

Living the vision

When I went vegan in 2016 I started discovering the many avenues of activism.


My paints and papers are vegan. Especially with watercolors that isn't always easy.

I prefer repair or second hand over buying new things and we run on green power.


Besides my own activism I like to support Non-Profits and Clubs who stand for both animal and human rights as well as the protection of our planet.

You want to work with me?